The “Terminator’s” State

The State of California has found itself hostage to a powerful labor union of prison guards. For the last fifteen to twenty years, the California prison system has risen from four to six prisons, to an unprecedented thirty-three prison (more than the entire country of China).
In a nation that prides itself in freedom, liberty and justice, there seems to be a State in America that promotes human warehousing. There are approximately 175, 000 incarcerates in California prison system.
Governor after governor has fallen prey to the political incentives that the prison union (CCPOA) has offered to politicians. And, under the auspices of “tough on crime”, the public reacts with a stupor of numbness. The outcome is a prison system that is almost 200% over its housing capacity resulting in overcrowding , plumbing deficiency, high rate of deaths due to negligent medical care and violence. A “system” that releases prisoners without education, work, skill, money, or a place to live back into society. Yet, they’ll keep inmates in prison that are rehabilitated and have acquired work skills and education.
The terminator lobbied the California citizens to keep people in prison for life if they stole pizza or shampoo on a third offense (proposition 66). The television had misled the California citizens to believe that proposition 66 would release rapists and murderers. The result implies that California has another Governor moved by a labor union.
The people of California had high hopes of Governor Schwarzenegger bringing the State back into the leading prosperity that it once enjoyed in the U.S.A. California finds itself begging businesses not to leave to neighbouring State like Nevada and Arizona.
Is this pure naïveté on the Governor’s part or …. corruption? In either case, one wonders if the “Terminator” will go down in history as just another impotent politician.