A little boy’s cry

To set into motion the day after tomorrow, for the existence of the future is not yet beheld.
Today is the future, for tomorrow may never come.
In the pursuit of peace, victory must be won of obstacle, illusion
That can’t be shun!
Oh, how I desire to be seen by none, heard by few and held by one.
As I put much into upholding my name so high, the extention can only come through a
Little boy’s cry.

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Paul Lara V76259
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The False Desperation

The spotlights have been recently shining again on the problem of abandoned infants, unfortunately, and they have done it for one of its most repugnant aspects: the garbage bin each one of us has for sure asked himself at one time or another what pushes a woman, a mother, to sentence her son to certain death abandoning him in the trash and for sure each and everyone of us must have failed when looking for so much wickedness to account for such a gesture.
Probably there is no premeditation, no homicidal push, only some kind of desperation living in the unconscious, perhaps bordering an illness; for sure a weight so weight to make something as horrible as the death of a newborn look like a “solution”. The bourgeois within me at this point is saying out loud “what should our society provide more than guaranteed assistance for every new born, no question asked? “but then my mind drifts back to that woman and I try to put myself in her shoes; is it maybe the shame for some kind of sin or the scare of social rejection?
Being cast away from the group because of an accuse of “impure facts” is so scary to push you to “erase” the evidences of such guilt in order to try and restart from scratch? It becomes inevitable therefore to think that perhaps we have all filed a little bit in the face of such horror; but failed in what exactly? It is probably the education process that governs mistakes to be a mistake in itself, I apologize for the childish word game.
We make a mistake and our mind jumps terrorized to the punishment, to atoning for it; it’s the least positive attitude we could possibly teach.
An efficient mind, with a positive attitude, should immediately jump to the search for a possible solution as soon as it realizes the mistake made. Isn’t that the difference between bigots and enlightened?
What wrong could be hidden behind having a child, although an illegitimate one?
A sad story, poverty, an abandonment, some intransigent parents?
Each one of these problems is certainly a lot less serious than killing an human being; each one of these problems could be easily endured if only a certain education could help us in searching for a solution instead of drowning us in the desperate wait to atone for our mistakes.
Every tragedy should make us cry and then should make us think “how do I fix this?”
Instead sometimes we fall into the deepest desperation, loosing our capacity to react, even to the point of destroying every thing around us in a silly hope to restart from scratch.
I am going to risk being predictable and I am going to repeat that our education process should remove a little bit more of the bigot waiting for punishment and add some well founded optimism, some more half full glasses.
We should teach the positive life approach that tells you that after a mistake the best you can do is fold-up your sleeves and fix the problem or at least give it your best try.
Sometime I think that there is an entire side of philosophy missing to our western culture.
In many oriental cultures kids study and practice meditation learning how to live in the present. This is done because obsession about the past means burning in vain between anger and false verdicts and anxiety for the future means a continuous fight against wind mills that most of the times don’t even exist.
Bottom line, if something can be done to fix the problem, why worry? And if nothing can be done to fix the problem, why worry?
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Disillusional conviction of a smile

The seduction that leads to the disillusional conviction of a smile.
Does the smile of beauty therefore live, because it is the best representation of the invisibile?
For when given, a smile can invite to love and friendship, and welcoming death and a disarray of emotions.
Beauty could be a bridge, but we can’t be so sure.
The misture of truth and poetic fancy has led some astray.
Again, I lie here thinking of the never ending possibility of love, sappened by the gladness of long ago, I must say, please come back.
Yesterday seems so distant, tomorrow just as far, and today as it seems, is neither here or there.
Even though personally disappointing are the eyes of the one who crys.
Ventilation of our emotions brightens the countenance, nevertheless, black be the mark of it, if one misses the libido.
As waves roll on top of one another, so do emotions.
So wipe the tears from your eye, less it affords you and I the one thing we wanted.
Grateful acknowledgement is for permission to express.
Importance of influence the romantic style of love.
Throughout the world limitations are not related.
In the deepest moment of want, I encourage you to not make a firm decision in haste, as to the extent of this friendship of ours will lead our hands to stimulate.
I have the kind of personality that is stiffened by rejection, so embrance the man who stands alone, looking for a woman he can call his own.
Paul Lara V76259
350-1-55y Po box 9
Avenal, CA 93204


Images of the heart

Images of the heart is what it gives, so through hard work
And redirected passionate questioning, it
Continues simply extending the grand tradition of misleading.
Eager I press, as I have been taught by my surroundings, to test more.
For perception of the invisible, is time bound, and keeping me in this certain blindness, which allows seeing of other sorts, what I can not except as being.
First I must describe what I am looking for, instruction in the art of seeing I have and through my squinting eyes I serch.
I have a longing to see what my usual sight tells me. In an alter state I am.
I grasp at the heart that led me astray and as I looked into the mirror and seen its face, now that it bound and being interrogated, it can not run.
I must get the doors wide open and walk through


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Paul Lara V76259
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I want to die!

I’ve made preparation in order to
survive the coming day of destruction, the day of
decadence and rot.
As my countenance gives way
To slumber and my visitors squirm around me,
Feasting to their little hearts content,
reaching maturity, only to be trapped with me,
till time indefinite,
maybe even forever.

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Paul Lara V76259
350-1-55y Po box 9
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From Santa I would like….

My name is Mel and I learned from Carlo that he was trying to give a voice to the Avenal Prison with an internet blog.
I thought that it would be a good opportunity also for me to voice my opionion and find a way to talk or correspond out-side of this
I guess that to do it I will need to talk a little bit about myself
I am really an outgoing person: the things I miss more are seeing places, doing stuff (like we say here).
I also miss friendship and particularly my best friend of some time ago, together with whom I used to do practically every thing.
She is now unfortunately very ill and I am not even sure if I am going to find her waiting for me when they will release me.
I try to substitute these activities, now impossible for me, with some classes in electrical and plumbing;
Maybe soon they’ll let me play with some air conditioning too, but believe me they are a very poor replacement for freedom and roaming!
The biggest problem in this place is the lack of true friendship : nobody is completely reliable, it is impossible to find somebody that cares.
If I could ask Santa for a present, any present, any present, that’s what I would probably ask for: somebody that cares.
I often feel very lonely although I am constantly surrounded by the life’s and sounds of more than 400 other inmates.
I’ll leave my address together with these few sentences about myself in the hope that somebody will find it interesting to correspond with me.

Mel Tarpley V03978
350-2-58U Po Box 9
Avenal, CA 93204


Only Canada could give birth to the coldest computer on earth!

Fifty years ago a Californian Company headquartered near Mountain View created the first commercial integrated circuit and revolutionized the world of computers and general electronics forever.
The company’s name was Fairchild Semiconductor and the Valley that hosts Mountain View has since been known to the world as Silicon Valley borrowing the name the main component of integrated circuits, silicon “exactly”.
What has Fairchild practically done by developing the first commercial version of a silicon wafer?
Prior to that, electronics and computers used a valve as base element for their hardware; much like a lamp that can represent its status as on or off (a logical unit), a yes or no, a zero or a one, what we nowadays call an information “bit”.
Integrated circuits gave the possibility of creating entire miniature electronic circuits, as suggested by the name, situated inside a thin silicon wafer; it therefore became possible to memorize and process information without using valves, greatly reducing the space and heat normally associated with old style electronic circuitry: do you remember the very first models of TV sets, radios or music players?
Suddenly huge mainframe computers occupying entire floors of buildings (the term mainframe comes from their dimensions) started to shrink and nowadays can easily fit under the desk of any office.
Additionally, whenever I get the urge to see somebody astonished, I tell him that the first computer that I used in the mid 1980’s was managing the general accounts for 12 average size companies was as big as 5 industrial refridgerators and had less capacity and memory then a recent handheld computer !
A Few days ago, a Canadian Firm has chosen the computer history museum in Mountain View to make an announcement that may represent a revolution similar to the one that was introduced by fair child semiconductors a half a century ago; actually from a strictly logical point of view the innovation could be greater since it is not simply promising to miniaturize circuits and logic that already exists, but also to surpass completely binary logic (zeros and ones, just to make it clear).
D-Wave system, with headquarters near Vancouver in British Columbia, has announced the development of the first practically working quantum computer, although it sits in a pool of liquid helium to bring down the temperature of the super conducting components to minus 273 degrees centigrade. This is the near absolute zero, the temperature required for such conductors to work.
Orion is the name of the processor that practically contains both valves and integrated circuits. We are still working with binary logical systems, zeroes and ones or true’s and false’s, while with energy, quantum processors will be able to use different logical basis and therefore memorize more symbols.
For the final user all this will be transformed into unprecedented calculus, speed and capacity, something without comparison.

We may actually attempt comparison of thinking back to those monstrous dinosaurs from the dawn of electronic computation and the modern laptop we use every day.
But this will be the future; in the meantime D-Wave plans to make one of its processors available for free on the internet to let prospective customers evaluate the capabilities of these “popsicles” that will no doubt have the catch phrase : “Orion Inside”.
Since it’s not practical to generate the near absolute zero temperature necessary for the superconductors to remain stable and operate the first practical applications, the processors will probably be limited to the world of mainframes and large simulations, but it is easy to foresee a future in which other computers will “rent” a few instants from a quantum processor using a distributed computing model, maybe through the internet, just to solve a simulation problem that requires too many variables or the problem may be too “tough” to approach with ordinary techniques.
Too many fields of human knowledge are daily challenging the current computational limits and are starving for resources and speed.
There is no need to disturb fields like high energy physics thermodynamics, it’s enough to think about applications like meteorology or traffic optimization in a large city to understand what a big advantage would come from being able to solve problems with so many variables in a reasonable and practical amount of time.
Maybe we’ll get rid of the never ending studies and changes of one-way grids in our beloved city centers once and for all ?!

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Curse = Injustly

So lost in wonder and puzzlement! an unseen companion I have.

My own voice was a strangled scream, as I nutice the hideous flame of those burning eyes.

Oh the scent and the touch! The unjust and evil passion of a professed lover of my life and the protector of it, has inflicted more harm than good to me.

Innocence assured by youth, has opened to question to, why?

A sad and wistful look I have of night fall.

A small and unhappy child, I am, whose dreams has been shattered.

If I can end this torment I will!

What will you do?

Will you fight for me?

Paul Lara V76259
350-1-55y Po Box 9
Avenal, CA 93204