I really have to ask myself what could I do to find an answer to the equation of life?
If I contemplate this amazing equation, I always find myself spinning around the fact that human beings have been put on earth to love each other it really doesn't seem so difficult to understand. Because there is no emotion that can satisfy a soul as much as love; love is the strongest word in the entire vocabulary!
Is there maybe something more meaningful?
Or that is more important than love? I don't believe so.
Because Christ himself said that what he asks of as is love; love for him and love for all human kind.
I believe that love is the solution to the equation of life!
Locked up in prison as I am, without relatives or friends alive in the world out there, and living immersed every day inside the hate that thrives in here, I find myself in front of the perpect example of what life should not be!
I don't think somebody really wanted me to learn some thing from this complete lack of love, but here I am.
Therefore, here is a little thought that I want to give to you that are reading this and to myself: let's try to restart from love, from our home first and walking together with "him" in the world, at work, with friends and strangers and let's see if by pure chance this is the best solution...
I am sure that it is...

God bless you and
peace be with you all
Daniel Larson F40838
CA 93204 USA


From Carlo to Katia, by Norman

Norman Wayne Whillote C29683
310-2-61L Po Box 9
Avenal, CA 93204USA


O God why (Teshuvah)

O God why have I forsaken You
My sins are great. My sins of the world
Even greater are my sins of the spirit
I have travelled so far away from you
And the moment I asked you welcom me back
You gave me all I had lost and more
You put me in a place of honor
Men offered me power and prestige
I desire none of it
Only to be close to you
To praise you and love you
To have you ever present in my lifeIn you I am fulfilled.

O God teach me your ways
I am like a young boy with limited Knowledge and experience
Teach me to walk on your path
To listen to you to do your good deeds
Keep me from temtation open my mind
So that I see evil and do not invite it into myself
Show me how to rebuke wrong actions and thinking
Show me how to fill my life with throughts of you
My life is ever at risk taech me to be safe
My soul is ever at risk protect me lord
Take away negative throughts
Do not invite thieves in to my home
Protect my family bring them all good things
May we all leam to love lord
With all our heart, soul, might and mind
May you always reside in our heart.

O God forgive my trasgressions
Teach me to live according to your ways
Take away my evil inclination
Be gracious unto me
Shine your light on me and my family
Be kind and merciful.

O God I need you always
Without you I am less than dust
My spirit was dead until you revived me
My life was drunk with the word of passion
Now I am awake praising you always.

Lord lift up your eyes and your servent
I who have labored many years in foreign fields
To no avail for I lost all that was precious
Now I ask to come back and reside in the land of my fathers
To pray at the altar of my Grandfather
To cry as I learn the suffering of my people
To be consumed with grief at their death and destruction
To lie naked in front of you hiding nothing.

And when I return to my God
What will he keep from me
What will he deny me
Fore he has said he will place
Everything in my hands
I rejoice that I've woken up
Removed the shackles from my hand and feet
Chosen to walk in the ways of rightesness
God lives in me and I in him
Thank you God for your grace and divine providence.


May the lightof God shine through me

Every day i will look for opportunities to:

be kind,
lift someone's spirits,
do something good,
make a bad situation better.

I am light in the darkness

No matter what:

I have done in my life,
people think of me,
my situation or where i sleep at night,
my future looks like.


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Daniel Woodward T56711
Avenal CA 93204


The screaming man moans

There is a man here who has been screaming for two weeks now... Continuously.
He's been locked in some perpetual nightmare or agony, howling at any time that I take to stop and listen.At breakfast, listen... You can hear his unearthly ballad.
At dinner, his sceeching voice sounds counterpoint to the count clearing horn blowing in the distance.
At 10:00 pm during the istitutional alarm check, his shrieks join the bells and sirens.
I was up as always at 3:30 am as his screams ejaculating unformed curses at the god who allowed him to live with this infinite pain in this unending hell.
Again, up till dawn, I finally closed my eyes as they were tired orbs. The demon and devils were tearing at my flesh, gnawing at my abused liver, dining on my soul.
Still up, the midday sun beat a tatoo through the narrow window on my face. I lay for a moment, caught between pseudo-sleep and consciousness in that netherland of half dream, half awake... Basking in the peacefullness of silence before the implication of that quietude struck me with full
I struggled to hear as it sent chills straight to the core of my being...
It seems that the sceaming man has lost the will to fight anymore...
because now, the screaming man moans.

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Michael Geffner K91323
CA 93204 USA


Prison is a place

Prison is a place where the first prisoner you see looks like an all-American college boy and you're surprised. Later you're disgusted because people on the outside still have the same prejudices about prisoners that you used to have...
Prison is a place where you write letters and can't think of anything to say. Where you gradually write fewer an fewer letters and finally stop writing altogether...
Prison is a place where the flame in every man burns low. For some it goes out, but for most it flickers weakly, sometimes flashes brightly, but never seems to burn as it once did...
Prison is a place where you find grey hair in your head or find your hair starting to disappear. It's a place where you get false teeth, stronger glasses and aches and pains you never felt before. A place where you grow old and worry about it...
Prison is a place where you hate through clenched teeth where you want to beat, kick, and scratch and you wonder if the psychologist knows what they're talking about when they say you actually hate yourself...
Prison is a place where you learn that nobody needs you that the outside world goes on without you...
Prison is a place where you can go for years without the touch of a human hand, where you can go for months without hearing a kind word. It is a place where your friendships are shallow and you know it...
Prison is a place where you hear about a friend's divorce and didn't even know he was married. It is a place where you hear about your neighbor's kids graduating from school... and you thought they hadn't started yet...
Prison is a place where you're smarter than the parole board because you know which guys will go straight and which ones won't. You're wrong just as often as the board members are, but you never admit it and neither do they...
Prison is a place where you wait for a promised visit. When is doesn't come, you worry about a car accident. Then you find out the reason they didn't come. You're glad because it wasn't serious... and disappointed because such a little thing could keep them from coming to see you...
Prison is a place... or is it an attitude?

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Sergio Contreras - C65663
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