The least of men

I asked myself, why would the Lord,
in perfect deity,
waste a moment or a thought
on a failure like me?
On my own I'm nothing good.
I've ruined and I've squandered.
One disappointment to the next
through my vain life I've wandered.
But our dear God in Heaven
still wants me for His son.
He looks at me as perfect,
no matter what I've done.
My failures make me realize
the grace my God has shown.
They ingrain in me the knowledge
that I'm nothing on my own.
There are heroes in the Bible
that everyone admires.
Some cowards or adulterers.
Some murderers or liars.
God made of them the noblest
of men the world has know.
By working through the least of men
the Father's power's shown.



Hello and peace be with you. This week I would like to talk about a Dave. Dave Morgan Osborne and her colleagues at "Loving Hearts ministry" reach out to many prisoners; by doing so they touch many hearts with the good news of our risen Lord. These servants of the Lord are truly responding to the calling of Christ in their lives and are dearly loved and highly esteemed by me and many of the brethren. Their efforts to hourse, feed and care for the prisoners and the poor are exemplary and I feel that they are well worthy of our praise and prayers. So please join me in prayer this week for the Lords blessing of prosper to touch every aspect of their ministry and that He will continually expand and furnish this ministry by meeting all of it's needs above and beyond what they feel they might need. While we are at it let's pray that the Lords blessing be on all of the small ministries that are pleasing to Him.

May Gods Love and peace be with you.

Daniel Larson - F40838
310-1-9L Po Box 9
Avenal, CA 93204



Another couple of gift for all those millions of Raiders' fans, "get your look on"!
A few other drawing by Johnny Marino. Johnny is also trying to set up his own web site at but for the moment you'll be able to check out his production here on Avenal Voice.If you would like Johnny to draw a custom piece for you, please write him explaining in your own words what you would like...
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Jonathan Marino J84807
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A call to prayer

This is my very first writing of this type and I hope to turn it into a weekly effort; every week I would like to indicate a person or perhaps a group of people and yes quite possibly a religious group that I feel really needs our prayers at the time; I hope that after reading this you will go directly to pray for them, putting them first and then afterward you'll go about your day shining with the light of His glory in your life.
I want to thank you for your support and invite you also to write me with comments and suggestions for prayers: I will write back and I will pray!
Now for my call to prayer for this week I would like to ask you to pray with me for all those in China that are in prison for sharing the word of Christ with their fellow men; let’s pray for their release and for God to give them His grace and strength, to them and their families that live in these terrible times.
Right now in China this is a terrible problem and the only way to fight it is with prayers first: the lord will lead the way for whatever will come next.

God Bless

Daniel Larson - F40838
310-1-9L Po Box 9
Avenal, CA 93204


Sweet Dreams

I kiss you every night my love
at though we're miles apart.
I drown upon your special love
that overfills my heart.
I hold you tight and whisper to you
all about my love.
And as I lay there in your arms
I thank the Lord above.
For the woman that He's given me
is more than I'd hoped for.
And I would have to be a fool
to even dream for more.
I tuck you in and kiss your lips
and sing you off to sleep.
I pray to God that I will always
have your love to keep.
As I sit there and I watch you sleep
I can't help feeling proud.
Your beauty, grace and elegance
make my heart beat aloud.
It's sad to think that in the morning
this sweet dream will the day
I won't have to pretend.



Life in Avenal

Life In Avenal So I’m sitting here with Carlo chatting about blog contributions and the contributors who are doing such a great job blogging. These guys donate hundreds of hours of their time for us to all benefit from this cause. Not that our time isn’t important, and it’s not like we don’t have a lot of it to waste, but for inmates to donate theirs to this effort if absolutely awesome. One thing though rings true about these contributions: They come from the warped eye of Avenal’s finest. We live in this “Black Hole” of a prison where the conditions are rude, crude and for most, socially unacceptable. Inmates here are subjected to some of the harshest conditions of living, anywhere in the prison system’s 33 wonderful bus stops. This place is commonly referred to by inmates as “Tell-it-all Avenal” meaning the usual standards need not apply here. Not many other yards will you find persons unafraid to run straight to an officer and start pointing people out. Usually the mere act of pointing itself, even if it is innocently intended is Bad – Very Bad.. But not here. But getting on track here – Conditions. Living Conditions – YUK. Broken plumbing, cold showers, bathroom swamps, Valley fever, scabies –infested laundry, no vitamins in the diet, no laundry access for personal clothing, even though it is recommended by officers to purchase sweats for the cold winters, and shorts for the blistering hot summers, and not to mention beanies, socks, extra underwear, tank tops and thermals for the ever changing seasons here. This is our life.

Wizard of Avenal



Salty water, held inside,
that breaks loose,
from the pains we hide.

Joy so overwhelming.
Pleasure too immense.
Dam gates open,
begining their flowing.

During moments of Joy
never dreamed would come true.
At times of pleasure,
never thought, were meant for you,
smiling at their treasure.

Tears come with sadness.
Tears come with joy.
The souls way to measure,
ones pain and ones joy.

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Norman Wayne Whillote C29683
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Big Country

write to
Tony A. Gant V87769
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