Carlo and Katia

Frankie Hernandez


Mark Hungerford said...

Good luck to you, Carlo!

I paroled from Avenal State Prison on May 1, 2010. I had the pleasure to know Carlo. He has a tremendous intellect, is sensitive to the needs of others, and should NOT be in prison!

The world Carlo lives in is impossible for outsiders to really grasp. Prison is a world apart. Honesty is rare; it is more a world of lies. The perfidy of guards and inmates takes a toll over time. It is very difficult to maintain a possitive attitude; many of us become jaded by the experience.

Each inmate copes with incarceration differently. The best of us try to educate the outside world on the reality of life inside.

Carlo is among those best souls.

Keep up the good fight, Carlo.

Again, good luck.


Mark Hungerford

webmaster said...

Thanks Mark, I sent your msg to Carlo. send me an email whit your contact