His Tragedy

book and ebook, rape? pervers trials

the medical crimes timeline
and all the reports.

She wanted him as her own because
of sex and wealth,
but new that ihs heart already belonged
to someone else.

So she developed a plan, also made
up a story
that would take ihs freedom and steel his
lover's glory.

She told police ie beat her and they
realized her storybwas fake,
but being prejudiced, they convinced her to
transform domestic violence into rape.

Because of this woman, a perverse trial
and crooked D.A.,
the innocent Carlo Parlanti is in
prison today.

He never did wrong, still life threw
him a curve,
another case in the court of law
where justice wasn't served.

Carlo is God's child, so there will
come a day
that God's wrath will rain on all who
took years or his life away.

Right now the evil doers are the ones
ahead in score,
but even though he lost the battle,
Carlo will win the war.

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